The Noldor and the Sindar – a drink


25g Lemongrass – aka the Sindar: pale green, elegant, strong yet gentle, smells lovely

15g Ginger – aka the Noldor: golden heart under a rough skin, noble, strong and bold, will burn your throat when you least expect it

2-3 Tbsp Honey – aka the stuff that bonds the Quendi: beauty, song, nature and the hatred of Morgoth

500ml water – aka the echo of the Music of the Ainur

- Crush the lemongrass just a bit to release the aroma (kinda like Morgoth did with the Sindar in the First Battle of the Wars of Beleriand)

- Peel and cut the ginger (to expose the Noldor and their past)

- Cook all the ingredients for 20 minutes (these are the golden years of the peace of the sun), pass it through a sieve (or through a mountain range into a hidden valley) and enjoy the warmth (the best of both groups blended together)

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My first real cosplay (I don’t count the Nienna one because that costume was my own design)

Peyerl Park

Black Kite @ Falkenhof Rosenburg

Vultures @ Falkenhof Rosenburg


Ulmo - Lord of Waters

He moves in all deep waters about or under the earth and has no need for a resting place. His realm streches from fresh water, to the clouds (where he is close to Manwë his friend) and from snow flakes to salt water. Most deeply instructed by Ilúvatar in music was Ulmo, in whose waters can still be heard echoes of the Music of the Ainur.

(All images by me - Slovenia, Germany and Croatia)

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Yavanna – giver of fruit

Here are two recipes rich in the fruit of the earth, inspired by this Valie. These are lactose free and gluten free, in fact they probably are vegan (I’m not an expert in such matters).

Breakfast Smoothie


1 banana

250 ml orange juice

½ cup of mixed frozen berries

Blend it all and start your day off with Yavanna

Summer Vegetables Bread Spread


1kg zucchini

500g onions

500g carrots

500ml tomato purée (passata)

1 table spoon tomato paste

Vegetable oil to sautée



(garlic and pepper are optional)

- peel and dice the vegetables

- add salt to the zucchini and let it set for half an hour

- sautée the onions and add the tomato paste

- sautée the diced carrots separately

- press the zucchini to get rid of the extra liquid and sauté it

- in a big pan, let all the ingredients slowly simmer for 45 minutes

- blend it and let it cool down

This bread spread can be conserved in sterilized glasses, if bottled hot. Also tastes great with “taters”!

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